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Author Topic: What is a "Full Save"?  (Read 68805 times)


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What is a "Full Save"?
« on: April 30, 2016, 02:00:24 PM »
Definition of a Full save:

- please keep folder structure! do not put all photos in a single directory
- add a good amount of non-nude and  day-to-day photos (at least 100Mb)
- add all semi-hot photos - such as bikini, underwear etc.
- definitely add all NU photos and videos :)
- do not include addresses, names in the folders inside of your full save - please respect privacy of the models
- upload full save to or (let me know if you need account there) Only additionally: upload full save to or for VIP thread

You could use posts of other active uploaders as an example.
I.e. myself I usually create three separate archives: for NN, semi-hot and NU. But if you can fit everything in a single archive - it is up to you.

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