Amazing young couple

September 12, 2015 in FTP by sts_pro

Unfortunately this FTP is down, but I have a full save 🙂

Amazing young couple with a lot of hot photos from uni times 🙂 Plus a bunch of bikini shots, pregnant photo sessions and naked shots form vacations 🙂 I included best examples in the preview below


More previews and saves:

As always I split my save in three parts: 1st for everyday pics, 2nd – NN but hot (UPSes, kini, UW etc) and 3rd – NU, TL etc. I also trying to include a few surrounding photos to NU series, so you could feel the vibe even without downloading 1st or 2nd parts.

1st part: (333.0 MB): ( (317.6 MB): ( (317.6 MB): ( (317.6 MB): ( (121.4 MB): (

2nd part: (333.0 MB): ( (317.6 MB): ( (71.6 MB): (

3rd part: (100.0 MB): (

Videos: (136.6 MB): (

Full save in one file: (2.3 GB): (