Beautiful Russian blond

January 9, 2015 in FTP by sts_pro

Hello guys 🙂 This server unfortunately not accepting Anonymous connections anymore and I didn’t manage to download it all :’-(


Luckily, I downloaded a big portion of this archive! As always, I split the save in three parts: NN, bikini and ero 🙂
Mostly archive consists of the family photos of Olga, absolutely beautiful young girl 🙂 There are some photos from a shopping center changing room, a few nu-photos apparently made for her art-school, some body-art photos form an art-school practical sessions (I wish I studied in such school 🙂 ) and at last a very hot session from Thailand, including some hot shots!!!
Also, I included in the save a couple of photos of her husband’s brother (if I understand right), few photos from her husband’s photo archive – student parties, holidays etc.
I will include best example photos in the preview below 🙂

For more previews and saves:

1st part: (333.0 MB) (317.6 MB) (317.6 MB) (317.6 MB) (317.6 MB) (317.6 MB) (317.6 MB) (317.6 MB) (102.6 MB)

2nd part: (333.0 MB) (317.6 MB) (104.1 MB)

3rd part: (67.9 MB)

Plus a few NN videos (DBs, sauna, bikini etc): (123.9 MB)